(we’re not talkin’ about the weather)


Why not drinking alcohol for the first month of the year is a trend & why some say it *could* reset your body for the entire year.


“Dry January” – Backstory

  • “Dry January” has existed for yrs. A charity made it mainstream.
  • Promoting healthy drinking habits in the UK, Alcohol Change UK, officially started a “Dry January” campaign in 2013, inspired by an employee who stopped drinking in January to prep for a marathon.
  • Alcohol Change UK claims the campaign grew from 4,000 to 4M participants in 2018.

Does Dry January “Reset” Your Body?

*Limited* research says yes.
More research is needed.

A study of 816 people who didn’t drink in January 2018 (but resumed drinking after) said 6+ months later they still felt the positive effects –  they had lost weight, slept better & drank less than before their
“Dry January” experience.


“Dry January is a good concept because it makes us more mindful…. I like to say, as goes January, so goes the rest of the year, I think it comes down to more balance, doing things in balance, rather than going overboard.”

Dr. Roy Buchinsky, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. Some doctors feel the sudden elimination of alcohol is extreme, doesn't promote a healthy relationship with alcohol, & leads to a rebound effect later.

For those who regularly drink heavily, suddenly eliminating alcohol can cause serious and potentially dangerous,withdrawal symptoms. But research shows it can also lead to better sleep & mood (removing a depressant that adds to winter blues).

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