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Historic Shutdown

The current government shutdown is *already* slated to become at least the second-longest in American history.

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This is the 20th funding gap since 1976 when the modern-day budget process was established.

Before 1980, the gov’t continued operating during funding gaps.

10 shutdowns lasted 3 days or less.

The longest gov’t shutdown took place in 1995 and lasted 21 days.

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What Is A Gov’t Shutdown?

  • Also known as a “funding gap“, a shutdown occurs when Congress fails to pass 12 appropriation bills, which set spending limits for various federal agencies.
  • A shutdown ends when Congress either passes the 12 requisite spending bills OR a continuing resolution (a temporary funding measure) to give Congress more time to pass the 12 spending bills.
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Why It Matters

  • Federal agencies cease operating all non-essential discretionary functions (ex: museums).
  • Individual gov’t agencies decide what are essential & non-essential functions; some services are delayed due to fewer workers.
  • Gov’t workers who perform essential duties still report to work & get paid (ex: military), others work & don’t get paid (ex: TSA).
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Current Shutdown: Details

  • In October, Congress passed 5 of the 12 appropriation bills, funding about 75% of the federal gov’t.
  • Fully shut down agencies employ approx. 800,000 who make about $1.4B / week. Other agencies are partially shut down (ex: IRS).
  • Approx. 380,000 working WITHOUT pay (ex: Homeland Security) will likely get paid after shutdown – unclear when.
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How It Impacts You:

  • Your Safety: Some TSA workers are reportedly calling in sick as opposed to working with no pay.
  • Your Fun: Fewer nat’l park workers mean more unkempt grounds and less security.
  • Your Money: Home loans and small business loans maybe delayed due to lack of gov’t forms through IRS. Fewer IRS workers could lead to delayed refunds.
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WHEN WILL THE SHUTDOWN END? Nobody knows! Congressional representatives and senators ARE paid during the shutdown. Congress gets back to work late Tuesday. If the shutdown extends beyond next weekend, it will be the longest in history.

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