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January 11, 1935

Amelia Earhart Starts Historic Journey

“All Ok”

The aviator departs from Hawaii & 18 hours later becomes the first person to fly solo from the Hawaiian islands to California.

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Why This Journey Mattered

Although Amelia became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic solo, the accomplishment of being the first person ever to fly from Honolulu to Oakland was arguably a bigger accomplishment.

Its a longer trip, more time over the water, with potentially more risk to the pilot.

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“The night I found over the Pacific was a night of stars. They seemed to rise from the sea and hang outside my cockpit window, near enough to touch, until hours later they slipped away into the dawn.”

Amelia Earhart describing her journey that included a rainy takeoff (complete with worrisome emergency crew nearby) and a hot chocolate at 8,000 feet above the Pacific ocean.
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Amelia’s Firsts

  • First woman to fly solo nonstop across America (1932).
  • First woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean (1932).
  • First person to fly solo from Hawaii to California (1935).
  • First person to fly solo from Los Angeles to Mexico City (1935).
  • In 1937, Amelia started her fateful final voyage, attempting to fly around the world.
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Amelia didn't just fly. She also created a fashion line for “the woman who lives actively" that included flight suits for female aviators and wrinkle-free clothing for the woman traveler.

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