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The rise of the “Smart Shoe

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American “Sole Searching”

“…comfort is here to stay. Brands and retailers must find ways to innovate and embrace this new norm.”

Beth Goldstein, fashion footwear & accessories analyst for the NPD Group that tracks retail trends. According to the latest data, Americans are buying more shoes compared to previous years and the largest category of growth? Comfort.
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“Smart Boot”

  • Jimmy Choo’s winter “Voyager Boot” ($1,795) links to an app on your phone.
  • App enables you to track your steps AND set the desired temperature of your insoles.
  • The shoe soles charge off a hidden USB port; one charge gets you approx. 8 hours of heat.
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“Smart Sneaker”

  • Nike’s app-linked athletic shoe: Nike Adapt ($350).
  • Shoe tracks your movements AND performance (ex: not just how much you run but how fast).
  • App enables Nike to recommend training or products (you can opt out of sharing data).
  • No laces; shoes automatically tighten based on app preference. Req. charge every 2 wks.
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"It's like having two smartphones strapped to your two feet" - That's how Nike's global head of digital products describes the new technology. Joining Nike and others, Samsung reportedly filed patents for "smart shoes." The question that remains: as a consumer, is that what you really want?

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