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January 25, 1890

“The American Girl will no longer be misunderstood. She will be recognized as pushing, determined, independent, able to take care of herself alone and single-handed, wherever she may be.”

Mayor Cleveland of Jersey City, Jan. 25, 1890 as Nellie Bly arrives at her final stop, after attempting to travel the world in 80 days; she did it in 72.
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Who Is Nellie Bly?

  • Born Elizabeth Cochrane.
  • Trail blazing female journalist
  • Made a name for herself as an intrepid reporter covering the forgotten: the poor & mentally ill.
  • Big Break: She pretended to be insane so she could be committed to a notorious asylum, Blackwell’s Island. She spent 10 days inside the institution & exposed abusive conditions.
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January 25, 1890

  • On assignment, Nellie reported on whether or not one could indeed travel “Around The World in 80 Days” (famous fiction book).
  • She traveled alone, wearing one navy dress, carrying a small bag  & used every transport available: ship, train, Jinricksha, horse etc.
  • Her circumnavigation of the globe started Nov. 14 and ended, January 25 in 72 days, 6 hours.
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Nellie completed this adventure right before her 26th birthday. She became a journalist through happenstance - writing a piece to the editor of the Pittsburgh Dispatch criticizing the paper's representation of women; The editor printed her piece & offered her a job as a columnist.

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