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“PEACE” in Afghanistan?

After 17+ years, and 2,200+ American lives, could the war waged after 9/11 finally end in “peace talks” with the very group we’ve been fighting?

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Why Now?

  • America’s longest war with no end in sight.
  • Taliban now controls a larger portion of the country than at any other time during the war.
  • U.S. military says priority in Afghanistan is to prevent attacks on America & American citizens. Some argue that’s not the Taliban’s goal (despite their friendly relationship w/al-Qaeda).
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What Could Deal Include?

While reports suggest peace talk progress, details are TBD.

  • Americans: cease-fire; withdrawal from Afghanistan (approx. 14,000 troops remain present).
  • Taliban: agree to not allow al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups safe haven; cease-fire & negotiations with Afghan gov’t.
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Who’s Leading Talks?

Zalmay Khalilzad – for U.S.

  • Born in rural Afghanistan.
  • Became an exchange student in California at 16-years-old .
  • Attended American college and became an American citizen.
  • Served as ambassador to Iraq & Afghanistan under Bush admin.
  • 2018: Appointed Special Rep. for Afghanistan Reconciliation.
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Who’s Leading Talks?

Taliban’s political arm in Qatar

  • Mullah Baradar: senior Taliban member; previously held secret peace talks w/Afghan gov’t.
  • Arrested, imprisoned in Pakistan for 8 years & recently released.
  • *Also* part of political office: 5 Taliban members released from GITMO in exchange for U.S. soldier, Bowe Berghdahl.
Current Events

Two Americans, an Army Ranger & Army Green Beret, died serving in Afghanistan in 2019. More than 20,000 Americans have been wounded in action in the Afghanistan war.

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