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After 20 months, is there an end in sight?

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“Right now, you know, the investigation is I think close to being completed. And I hope that we can get the report from Director Mueller as soon as possible.”

Acting Attorney Gen. Matthew Whitaker speaking Monday giving the first indication the investigation may be nearing an end; others disagree. Whitaker came under pressure to recuse himself from overseeing the investigation (due to statements he made criticizing it before taking office).
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By The Numbers:

  • Indictments: 37A (incl. Russians).
  • Cost: $12.3M through September 2018 (latest data available).
  • Guilty Pleas:A A Of the 6 defendants linked to Pres. Trump, 5 pleaded guilty, & 4 agreed to cooperate.
  • Prison Time: Of the 4A defendants sentenced so far, 3 received a total of about 7.5 months.A Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, was sentenced to 3 years.
Current Events

The Latest:

  • Last Week: Roger Stone,A Pres. Trump’s longtime associate, was charged with lying to the FBI, obstruction & witness tampering.
  • Next Week: Cohen will testify before a House Cmte.
  • Next Month: Cohen to prison. FormerA campaign managerA Paul Manafort‘s sentencing delayed due to allegations he is not cooperating with his plea deal.
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Lingering Questions

Will Pres. Trump pardon any of his former associates?A Unclear.

Will Pres. Trump testify?A Unclear. If he’s asked, expect a subpoena fight.

What happens when it’s over? The Special Counsel will turn over a report to the DOJ of its findings. It’s up to the DOJ to decide what info, *if any*, should be made public.


Current Events

Of the six defendants tied to Pres. Trump, none have beenA accused of, or charged with, conspiring with Russians to influence the 2016 election. There is evidence that all 6 had contacts with Russian entities ahead of Trump's inauguration, & some lied about their contacts.

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