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Scenes from the 2019 Polar Vortex


With more than 200M Americans in the Midwest & East Coast suffering below-freezing temperatures, there’s frost on everything from eyelashes to indoor door handles & coffee cups!

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Life Below Zero

The dangerously cold weather responsible for at least 9 deaths, is due to a polar vortex, pushing Arctic air further south, & causing parts of the Midwest to hit temps lower than Antarctica (-25°) on Wednesday.

Freezing temps are expected to continue through Thursday for much of the U.S., but the wknd should bring  temps rising to 40° ABOVE 0°.

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Midwest Cities

  • Chicago: Wednesday’s low was -23°, just shy of the record -27° set in 1985, but it’s expected to break that record Thursday. More than 1,800 flights were canceled, and rail operators lit tracks on fire to prevent shrinking and cracking, ultimately shutting down service.
  • Minneapolis: Wednesday’s temps plunged to -27° and are on track to break a 46-year-old record.
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Cold Cancellations

USPS even took the rare step of stopping mail delivery to more than 100 zip codes in five Midwest states.

Schools & colleges from North Dakota to Pennsylvania canceled classes. Chicago’s Loyola University’s school newspaper’s headline said it all: “Cold as °F.”

Current Events

Believe it or not, these bitter temperatures are not even close to the coldest we've seen in the contiguous U.S. That record goes to Tower, Minnesota which hit -60° back in 1996!

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