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What Are America’s Top Threats?

A new report details what tops the list of worries of America’s intel community.

At risk? World order.

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“The post-World War II international system is coming under increasing strain amid continuing cyber and WMD proliferation threats, competition in space, and regional conflicts.”

World Threat Assessment Report of The US Intelligence Community, January 29, 2019.
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World Threat Assessment

  • The Dir. of National Intelligence presented the annual “World Threat Assessment” report to the Senate before testifying Tuesday.
  • The 40+ page report covers what threatens American safety & security.
  • The focus: China & Russia, along with North Korea, Iran & terrorism.
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What Stands Out:

China & Russia

  • Both work individually & jointly against the U.S.
  • Both have cyber ability to disrupt our infrastructure (ie. electric grid/natural gas pipelines) anywhere from hrs, days to wks.
  • Both use social media to their benefit to impact “how we think, behave, and decide.”
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Revelations In Report:

  • Terrorism: al-Qaeda expanding & encouraging attacks vs. U.S.
  • Major Concern: Chemical Weapons (NoKo, Russia, Syria, & ISIS have used them in last 2 yrs).
  • Border Issue: Central American gangs likely expanding “their influence over some weak states, collaborate with US adversaries, and possibly threaten critical infrastructure.”
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Something To Consider: Report mentions "Global Health Security" as a priority, emphasizing the U.S. is vulnerable to the "next flu pandemic or large scale outbreak of a contagious disease" due to among other things, "prolonged humanitarian crises" in places like Venezuela.

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