Who’s The Fittest Of Them All?


Forget cardio & weights.
The hottest, new workout equipment may beA a
52″ mirror.


Meet the “Mirror”

  • LCD video screen that looks like a full-length mirror when turned off.
  • Users can see themselves & an instructor when in use.
  • Controlled via a smartphone app to avoid fingerprints.
  • Speakers & cameras allow music, interactive coaching. (For privacy afterwards, there’s a lens cover.)
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aWeare looking to be the next screen in peopleas lives. We desire to be an immersive platform, not just a piece of gym equipment.a

Brynn Putnam (35), Mirror's founder & CEO, and a former professional ballerina, on the future possibilities of its screen for fashion or beauty. She came up with the idea when she was too busy with her child to get to the gym - even though she created a chain of workout studios called Refine Method.

Pricey Reflection

The Mirror costs $1,495 and requires a $39/month subscription to access live & on-demand classes.

Business model is similar to other in-home competitors like Peloton’s spin-bike or Tonal’s weight room.

Mirror says it’s different by offering various workoutsA like yoga, barre, or boxing – without bulky equipment.


CDC says 3 out of 4 Americans don't get enough exercise. While there are less expensive exercise alternatives, Mirror hopes its unique approach and rave reviews from celebrities like Alicia Keys & Ellen DeGeneres will be enough for users to give it a second look.

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