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As America & North Korea meet to discuss nuclear arms, tensions flare between two countries that already have nuclear weapons.

The standoff between
India & Pakistan.

Current Events

Why This Matters:

“…a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan, or even a single strike on a large city, would be devastating and would reverberate throughout the world.”

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists as reported by Associated Press. Both India & Pakistan have 100+ nuclear war heads each, which have been successfully tested and could be delivered within minutes.
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Center of Dispute:

Area in northwest India just east of Pakistan’s capital city.

  • India says it’s part of India (Hindu).
  • Pakistan says it’s part of Pakistan (Muslim).
  • Both countries blame each other for igniting opposition.
  • Separatists say it’s an independent nation.
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What’s Going On:

  • Feb. 14: Suicide bombing in Kashmir reportedly by Pakistani-backed militants; at least 40 Indian troops died.
  • Tuesday: India bombs what they say is a “terrorist” camp inside Pakistan territory.
  • Wednesday: Pakistan says it shot down two Indian warplanes; shutting down the nation’s airspace because of tensions.
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“History tells us that wars are full of miscalculation. My question is that given the weapons we have can we afford miscalculation. We should sit down and talk.”

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan asking to speak to Indian leadership over latest tensions between the two countries.
Current Events

Pakistan & India have gone to war 3 times since 1947. The last one in 1971 but tensions have boiled to the brink of war since that time. U.S. Sec. of State Pompeo issued a statement calling on both sides to "exercise restraint, and avoid escalation at any cost."

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