Can’t Get No Satisfaction

New sleep study says parents can kiss their “sleep satisfaction” goodbye up to 6 years after the birth of their first child – just as another study tells us how important sleep is for us to “clean our brains.”

No Sleep = No Sweep


Sleep & Kiddos

  • German study observed 2,500+ women & 2,100+ men over 7 yrs.
  • Worst time for sleep deprivation: 3 months after birth of 1st child.
  • Moms impacted more than dads overall. In first 3 months, moms lost 1 hr of sleep, dads lost 13 min.
  • Take-Away: “neither mothersa nor fathersa sleep fully recovers to prepregnancy levels up to 6 years after the birth of their first child.”

Deep Sleep Matters

  • Study by University of Rochester.
  • Note: We have toxic proteins in our brain associated with Alzheimer’s & dementia.
  • Study used mice & showed deep sleep allowed the “glymphatic” system to work – that system flushes the brain of toxins.
  • Researcher: “…this study shows that the deeper the sleep the better.”

Something To Consider:

“More than ever, science is telling us that these (sleep) problems should not be allowed to fester.”

Dr. Chris Winter, author of "The Sleep Solution," who tells SmartHER News that whether it's parenthood, work changes, or our simple personal growth, sleep changes throughout our lives. Dr. Winter says these two studies show us we need to make sleep a priority. One quick tip? Try going to bed at the same time every night.

Better sleep is a big business. A company "Nightfood" recently introduced a new ice cream they say has a mix of ingredients that will help you sleep. But others suggest eating before bed can actually disrupt your sleep. What works best for you?

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