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“Perhaps Mother Nature’s worst is yet to come this winter.”

Ben Noll, meteorologist & atmospheric scientist, on a blast of cold air set "to nosedive into the U.S." as March begins. Subzero temperatures could hit from Montana, Michigan and Kansas after already one of the coldest Februaries on record.
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“A fool.”

Michael Cohen's response when asked, "if President Trump is a cheat, what are you?" In testimony on Capitol Hill, President Trump's former personal attorney described "dirty deeds" he did on behalf of his client. Although Cohen attacked Pres. Trump's character, calling him a "con man" and "racist", he also admitted he had no "direct evidence" that his campaign colluded with Russia. Cohen is set to begin a 3-year sentence for lying to Congress, campaign finance violations, & tax evasion.
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“In our desire of peace, I announce that tomorrow, and as a first step to open negotiations, Pakistan will be releasing the Indian Air Force officer in our custody,”

Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan speaking about a captured Indian Air Force pilot. Khan's gesture was initially reported as a sign of deescalating tensions between Pakistan & India, two nuclear nations, over the disputed territory of Kashmir. As of this writing, India's response: TBD.
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“We are making real progress. If we can complete this effort – and again I say ‘if’ – and can reach a satisfactory solution to the all-important issue of enforceability as well as some other concerns.”

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer in testimony to Congress Wednesday on his efforts to resolve the U.S.-China trade conflict. He stressed enforcement of any trade pact "has to be specific, measurable; it has to be enforceable at all levels of government."
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“Her expressiveness in the winning photo reminds us of looking to the future through a child’s eyes and being excited for all that it holds.”

Bill Partyka, Gerber CEO & President, on the 15-month old chosen to be the spokesbaby for the company. Kairi Yang, the first Gerber baby of Hmong decent from East & Southeast Asia, beat out a record 544K contestants. She will be featured on Gerber's marketing and social media & her family will earn $50K.
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