Devastating & Deadly

Described as a heart attack for your brain, stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in America and took the life of actor Luke Perry.


What Exactly Is A Stroke?

  • What Happens: when a blood vessel in the brain gets blocked (most common), or a blood vessel bursts (less common, but more deadly).
  • Causes: factors include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes. Drug use and family history can play a role as well for those with blood vessel or clotting problems.

aFor all types of stroke, time is brain. That means that seeking treatment immediately is crucial to reverse the damage and save brain cells and lives.”

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, former ER doc & author of "Mom Hacks" who says a common misconception is that strokes effect only older people. Dr. Darria says with more young people confronting obesity or high blood pressure, stroke becomes a possibility.

Stroke Symptoms:

  • Stroke can be catastrophic, but also prevented.
  • Warning signs of stroke: “FAST”: Face drooping? Arms (one or the other) numb or immobile? Slurred speech? Time?
  • Sometimes symptoms come & go in 24 hrs, but serve as important pre-stroke warning signs.
  • Sudden severe headache, confusion, numbness, or vomiting.

“I want to do something with my life. When my time here is up, I donat want to look back and see that I didnat do anything.”

Luke Perry in 1992 during the height of his fame playing Dylan McKay on "Beverly Hills, 90210" about why he left his small hometown for Hollywood. No further details about Perry's stroke surfaced after it was first reported last week. A representative said he passed away in the presence of his family, including his two children.

Stroke may be one of leading causes of death in America, but it's also the LEADING cause of disabilities, such as paralysis or memory loss. A stroke happens every 40 seconds and two-thirds of survivors will confront some sort of disability.

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