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All U.S. embassy personnel will evacuate from Venezuela as America firmly blames Cuba & Russia for supporting the socialist regime.

Meanwhile, darkness cloaks Venezuela as a blackout cripples the nation.

Current Events

Why Venezuela Matters:

  • Allies: Venezuela’s allies (Russia, Cuba, China, Iran) all share anti-American sentiment.
  • Proximity: Venezuela provides a foothold for these nations not far from America.
  • Oil: Venezuela has largest known oil reserves in the world.
  • People: Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship has led to humanitarian & economic crisis.
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How Did We Get Here:

  • January: 35-yr-old politician Juan GuaidA3 says he’s interim President & will oversee “fair” democratic elections, challenging Maduro’s socialist leadership.
  • After U.S. recognized GuaidA3 as President, Pres. NicolA!s Maduro cuts diplomatic ties w/ U.S.
  • 50 nations recognize GuaidA3; Russia, Cuba etc. stand w/A Maduro.


Current Events

Why Leave?

Situation deteriorated this weekend.

Massive blackout crippling nation; schools & work closed. Telecomm down. Reports of people dying because lack of lack of medical aid.

Protests gather against Maduro.

Maduro blames U.S. for blackout and trying to orchestrate a coup.


Current Events

“The United States is drawing a clear line between those who aid the forces of repression and those who give life to the Venezuelan peopleas democratic dreams. There is no ambiguity here about the truth.”

U.S. Sec. of State Pompeo Monday hours before announcing evacuation of U.S. embassy personnel, squarely blaming Cuba & Russia for supporting Venezuelan regime while blocking aid to the Venezuelan people.
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aToday, when the empire of the U.S., in its desperation to grab our natural resources, intensifies its brutal aggression against the fatherland. We stand firm to defend our land and cry with force: Yankee go home!”

Venezuelan Leader NicolA!s Maduro during a rally on Saturday.
Current Events

Once one of the most wealthy nations in Latin America, 9 out of 10 Venezuelans live in poverty, according to one study.

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