The Great Egg Debate

Dye ’em, fry ’em, scramble ’em & boil ’em…few food items have dominated our menu as much as the simple egg.

And a new study raises *even more* questions about nature’s little pack of protein and your health.


The Basics

  • New study reviewed 6 previous studies looking at diet. Approx. 30,000 people over a 17 yrs.
  • Question: Is there an association between eggs & cardiovascular disease? Study says YES.
  • Those who consumed more eggs (or the equivalent of more eggs in dietary cholesterol) had a higher rate of heart disease & premature death.

a… we donat want people to walk away thinking they shouldnat eat any eggs. Thatas not the right message.a

Lead author of study Norrina Allen, who says her research shows a "consistent association" between those who ate more eggs and cardiovascular disease. She adds that eggs provide important amino acids & minerals, but said that regardless of a person's heart healthy habits, the study shows that the more eggs they ate, the higher their risk.

The Study Has Limits:

  • Diet alone doesn’t determine cholesterol. Example: Two people can eat the same number of eggs a day & have completely different cholesterol readings.
  • Eggs aren’t only food w/ cholesterol. Study didn’t distinguish btwn egg preparation, i.e. fried in butter vs hard-boil.
  • Study relied on people remembering what they ate.

“Bottom line: Everything in moderation (including one egg a day)… What you pair an egg with can have positive heart health benefits (whole grains, berries, veggies, fiber rich foods are great options). The fiber/protein and healthy fat combo will help you stay full and promote heart health.”

Christy Youens, mom of 3, registered dietitian & collegiate lecturer, who shares her favorite egg-healthy recipe on our source page.

The study's lead author suggests limiting eggs, esp. the yolk (which contains the cholesterol). Registered dietitian Youens says if you eliminate the yolk, you're missing out on a lot of the "power of the egg" - its good vitamins and other properties.

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