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You’ve likely heard this before:

“unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis”

Why the U.S. Customs & Border Protection says this time it’s different.

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Why “Unprecedented”?

12,000 people in custody this week – 3x “normal” levels & double what’s considered a “crisis”:

“The increase is having a detrimental impact on CBP’s primary border security mission… Smugglers and criminal organizations are using large groups of families as diversions.”

CBP Commissioner McAleenan
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Something To Consider:

  • Approx. 1/4 of those in custody are being held in El Paso.
  • El Paso has a border wall and/or border barriers.
  • Critics: Numbers show a border wall doesn’t deter illegal immigration.
  • Supporters: Numbers show a border wall slows down entry to arrest illegal border crossers.
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Last March 2018: 50,347 people apprehended at U.S. border.

Last Month (February 2019): 76,103

This March: “CBP is on pace to record more than 100,000 apprehensions for the month of March. It would be the highest monthly total in a decade.”

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Why Now?

  • Well-publicized reversal of Pres. Trump’s separation policy highlighted current policy that allows some illegal immigrants to stay in U.S. pending hearing.
  • Reports smugglers/immigrants know those who travel with children have a greater chance of being allowed to stay in U.S..
  • Dire economic conditions in Central America.
Now You Know

Your tax dollars support care & custody for illegal immigrants. States continue to sue the President over his use of an emergency declaration to reallocate funds to the border; the Pentagon *just* listed potential projects to delay in order to free up money.

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