2018.03.15 7,000 Killed

March 15, 2018
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  • Tuesday:A Avaaz, an advocacy group, placed 7,000 pairs of shoes on U.S. Capitol lawn to symbolize the 7,000 children killed by gun violence since the 2012 Newtown school shooting.
  • Wednesday: StudentsA nationwide staged a protest to mark 1 month since FL high school shooting.

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“Gun Violence”

This term is used often, but has NO legal definition

  • Not a legal term.
  • Not a recognized term in the dictionary or used in the judicial system.
  • Defined by advocacy groups as: “a crime committed with a firearm” not limited to murder or suicide.

Deaths By Firearms
A Look At 7,000 Deaths

  • The 7,000 estimate is based on a study that examined Centers for Disease Control figures showing that 1,300 children (ages 0 – 17 years) die from gun violence every year.
  • 53% homicides, 38% suicide, 6% unintentional & 3% undetermined

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Doing the Math:
7,000 Deaths

  • Newtown school shooting took place 5+ years ago in Dec 2012.
  • 1,300 deaths x 5.3 = roughly 6,800 children deaths.
  • By the end of 2018, the number will rise to approx. 7,800.
  • REMINDER: This includes ALL deaths related to firearms – NOT just school shootings.

Children & Firearm Deaths
Age Matters

  • 18% younger children (0 – 12): Deaths often due to domestic violence or accidental
  • 82% older children (13 – 17): Deaths likely to be “precipitated by another crime” (gang related, drugs) and/or also involve weapon use by victim

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Bottom Line
What You Should Know

  • The 7,000 figure is a real number based on a statistical average compiled by reliable sources.
  • The 7,000 figure is not limited to school shootings or even murders. It includes a variety of other crimes, including accidents & suicides.

On March 24, protestors will march on Washington for the March For Our Lives rally, organized by survivors of the Florida high school shooting.

by Jenna Lee,