2018.03.19 Putin Wins

March 19, 2018
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Putin Wins Landslide Victory

Will lead Russia for another 6 years

Claims broad mandate after winning more than 70% of the vote.

How Long Can He Stay in Power Anyway?

Putin in Power

Under current term limits, this would be his LAST TERM.

Putin has spent 14 years as President, spent 4 years & 2 stints as Prime Minister.

Another 6 year term extends his lock on power to 24 years, longer than any Russian leader since Soviet Joseph Stalin (12 years).

Election Notes

Few doubted Putin would win. HeA faced 7 minor candidates & his main competitor was blocked from the ballot.

Vote tainted by widespread reports & video of ballot-box stuffing.

Election Day was moved to March 18, the 4th anniversary of Russia’s seizure of Crimea.

Putin Fast Facts

  • 65 years old
  • Twice married, 2 daughters
  • Former KGB spy
  • Ph.D. in economics
  • Extremely wealthy: $40B – $200B estimated net worth
  • Judo blackbelt
  • Tough-guy image:A rode horseback shirtless, treated a tranquilizedA tiger & a polar bear

Putin: Alleged Poisoning

  • Russia accused last week of using a nerve agent to attack 2 UK citizens (one a former Russian spy). World leaders, including U.S., condemned attack.
  • First public comments: Putin says it’s “nonsense” to think Russia would be involved before major election or before hosting World Cup this summer, but he’s ready to cooperate with investigation.

See what President Putin said when asked if he was planning any changes in the Constitution, particularly any that would allow him to remain in power beyond 2024…

by Jenna Lee,