2018.3.21 Puppy Pride

March 21, 2018


A “State Dog” Debate

‘We looked at what breeds would represent Ohio the best and came to a pretty quick decision.’

State Rep. Jeffery Rezabek (R-Clayton), Cincinnati Enquirer, Mar 16, 2018

And the Top Dog is…

The Labrador Retriever

  • “Breed physically embodies the values of the state of Ohio.”
  • Known for being friendly, hard working & loving the outdoors.
  • American Kennel Club has named the Labrador the top breed for 26-straight years.

PETA isn’t Happy

‘Designating a specific breed as Ohio’s state dog would increase the demand for purebred dogs and entice puppy mills to churn out litters of them.”

Ingrid Newkirk, PETA president

Ohio’s “Lab” Test

Should the bill become law, Ohio will become the 13th state to have a state dog, and the first to recognize the Labrador.

In 2015, Maine also proposed to recognize the Labrador as its state dog, but it was rejected.

do you have a state dog?

12 Recognized State Dogs

Alaska (Alaskan Malamute), Georgia (“Adoptable dog”), Louisiana (Catahoula leopard dog), Maryland (Chesapeake Bay retrievers), Mass.A (Boston terrier), New Hampshire (Chinook), N. Carolina (Plott hound), Pennsylvania (Great Dane), S. Carolina (Boykin spaniel), Texas (Blue Lacy), Virginia (American foxhound) & Wisconsin (American water spaniel).

Ohio may not have a state dog, but did you know it has a state amphibian? Go figure.

by Jenna Lee,