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3 Takeaways From This Week’s Historic Impeachment Hearings

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Quid Pro Quo

“something for something”

Witnesses, including those “friendly” to the administration, testified they believed a quid pro quo was being used in White House policy towards Ukraine.

Not one witness heard a quid pro quo demand from the President himself.

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Witnesses agreed understood the “quid pro quo” in different ways.

Some believed a White House visit was being used as a “carrot” in exchange for an investigation into a Ukrainian company that employed Joe Biden’s son.

Some theorized or concluded military aid was being withheld for the investigation.

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Witness: Depth of Service

Army war veteran, son of a refugee from the Soviet Union. (Alexander Vindman)

Self-made millionaire, son of German holocaust survivors who fled to Uruguay before immigranting to Seattle. (Ambassador Sondland)

The daughter of a North England coal miner who has served as a nonpartisan adviser for 3 presidents. (Fiona Hill)

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Democrats, who have the majority in the house, will drive the timeline on what happens next; The House Judiciary Cmte can draw up articles of impeachment to vote on. If the Pres. is impeached by the house, Republicans, who have the majority in the Senate, will drive the timeline on a trial.

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