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Fast-moving developments at the U.S. Southern Border this weekend as a new leader takes over America’s Dept. of Homeland Security.

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“Our resources are extremely strained … Just this year, fiscal year 2019, we have identified 193 ‘fake families’ — people who are just teaming-up, kids with them, to come through because they know that they can get a court day later and be able to get released.”

Gloria Chavez, U.S. Border Patrol, speaking to Pres. Trump during his visit to the Southern Border.
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  • Justice Dept.: it may take up to 2 years to review cases of children separated at the border between 2017-2018.
  • Most of the children have been reunited with families, but not necessarily to their parents.
  • ACLU says the time frame to review cases is unacceptable.
  • Gov’t Watchdog: Number of children separated still unknown.
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  • President Trump announces on twitter “another 750 agents” headed to U.S. Southern Border.
  • Customs & Border Protection details a suspected smuggling operation. A minivan with 11 people did not stop when asked by border patrol. Chase followed; 2 people ejected from vehicle died. The driver was a U.S. citizen; identities of others not released.
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  • Pres. Trump announced Kevin McAleenan, Customs & Border Protection commissioner will now lead Dept. of Homeland Security.
  • Why This Matters: McAleenan recently held a press conference to garner national attention for what he called “unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis” due to a surge of illegal border crossers.
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While the numbers of border apprehensions have grown in recent months, we still don't have the exact numbers of border apprehensions in March. The now acting head of DHS said ten days ago it was tracking to be the highest number in a decade.

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