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Collusion or Illusion?

One of the most divisive topics in America united both political parties this week…as the Special Counsel investigation enters its 22nd month.

Current Events

On Capitol Hill

  • The House of Representatives voted unanimously Thursday in favor of a measure calling for the public release of the results of the Special Counsel Investigation at its conclusion.
  • Why It Matters: The vote can’t force the Justice Dept to release the final report. However, it’s a public statement & rare showing of bipartisanship.
Current Events

In Court

  • Pres. Trump’s fmr. campaign manager, Paul Manafort, received his final sentencing on charges related to the investigation.
  • Received 7+ years behind bars for these federal crimes *however* we learned he will be charged separately for other crimes in NY.
  • Why It Matters: The Pres *can* pardon federal crimes, not state crimes.
Current Events

Behind The Scenes

  • Lead federal prosecutor who oversaw the investigation of Manafort reportedly will end his time with the Special Counsel.
  • Andrew Weissmann led tough cases vs. the NY mob & corporations like Enron.
  • Why It Matters: Some suggest his exit, along with others, show the investigation may be near its end.
Current Events

Something To Consider:

  • House Democrats have launched investigations paralleling the Special Counsel. These will continue when the Special Counsel Investigation ends.
  • Special Counsel’s mandate is broad, allowing investigations into other areas/people unrelated to Russian collusion. No direct evidence of Trump-Russia collusion has surfaced thus far.
Current Events

The Mueller Special Counsel investigation is nowhere near the length of previous Special Counsel investigations, such as the White Water investigation of Bill Clinton or Iran-Contra under Reagan. Both investigations lasted more than 4 years.

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