A First for an Ivy League School

September 20, 2018
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To A Certain Degree

AboutA 33% of adults over 25 have a Bachelor’s degree.

Why the future of college education may be ditching the traditional campus.

Ivy League …Online?

The Future of Learning?

  • Univ. of Pennsylvania (Penn) will offer an online bachelor’s degree next year through its College of Prof. & Liberal Arts Studies.
  • First Ivy League college to offer online bachelor’s degree.
  • 2 paths to admission: general application *or* “prove your way” in 4 foundation courses.
  • Costs 30% less than on-campus.
  • Visit campus twice before degree.
"When you’re working and raising a family or you’re part of the sandwich generation, it really makes it very difficult to get through the 30 to 36 courses needed to get an undergraduate degree. And it’s not terribly affordable."

Nora E. Lewis, vice dean of professional and liberal education at the University of Pennsylvania

Why It Matters

  • Higher educationA without the higher cost.
  • Increasing demand for less expensive degrees from top-tier schools
  • Penn sees more colleges offering online bachelor’s.
  • National unemployment rate for those with college degree (2.1%) about 1/2 what it is for those with only a high school degree (4.3%).

Several Ivy League universities offer online degrees at the graduate degree level, including Penn, but its undergraduate offer is a first. Approx. 80% of online-only students are over age 25, unknown if younger students will be interested.

by Jenna Lee,