A man and his dog rescued after drifting in Pacific Ocean for three months

July 18, 2023

Your family is everyone, and your family is all of nature.

Australian sailor Timothy Shaddock (54) on the most important lesson he learned while being adrift at sea for roughly three months; last week, he and his dog were rescued in the Pacific Ocean.

What To Know: About three months ago, Shaddock set sail from Mexico with his dog Bella heading to French Polynesia. However, after his boat was damaged by a storm that knocked out the vessel’s electronics, he said he and Bella survived on rainwater and raw fish while drifting in the Pacific. Last week, a Mexican tuna boat operated by the company Grupomar found Shaddock and gave him food, hydration and medical attention after a helicopter pilot looking for tuna spotted Shaddock’s boat.

The tuna boat with Shaddock and Bella aboard arrived at a port in Manzanillo, Mexico on Tuesday. Upon arrival, Shaddock said he was grateful to those who rescued them because “they saved my life.” Of Bella, he said, “I’m just grateful she’s alive. She’s a lot braver than I am, that’s for sure.” Shaddock explained that he met Bella after she started following him around while he was in Mexico. The Associated Press reports that Shaddock chose a crewmember to adopt her “on the condition that he would take good care of the dog,” and noted that Shaddock will be returning home to Australia soon.

When asked what he was looking forward most now that he’s back on land, Shaddock said, “to just be with friends and family …”

See photos of Shaddock and Bella being rescued by Grupomar’s tuna boat on this thread on Twitter HERE or on Facebook HERE

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