INTERVIEW: A New Risk? “History’s Next Great conflict”

April 26, 2021

SmartHER With Gordon Chang

A New Risk? Russia, China and the “elements for history’s next great conflict” with Gordon Chang.

Author and foreign policy expert Gordon Chang recently wrote, “The elements of history’s next great conflict are all in place. The only thing missing is the spark.” What are those elements? And what is the potential spark? Gordon answers these questions and more as we discuss the geopolitical forces at work.

“Our men and women in uniform should not be paying for the weapons being designed to kill them.” Just one of many revelations from author and analyst Gordon Chang in this wide-ranging interview on America’s current state of affairs with China, including how Gordon says some investment funds for U.S. government workers are actually going to support Chinese companies working against America.

Hear why Gordon believes the world has never been closer to a nuclear exchange than now … and what we can all do to stop it.

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by Jenna Lee,