A Woman’s Historic First on Mount Everest

May 29, 2024

I’m successful in the mountains because of what I have within. Everest has accepted me, I think. Look at how many times people try to climb it and can’t succeed. I’m lucky.

Nepali mountaineer and photojournalist, Purnima Shrestha, who made history when she summited Mount Everest three times in one season.

WHY IT MATTERS: On May 25th, 2024, accomplished mountaineer Purnima Shrestha etched her name in history books when she became the first woman to ascend the world’s highest peak three times in one climbing season. In addition to overcoming the physical obstacles of extreme climbing, Shrestha, who used a loan to make this climb possible, faced various health obstacles in pursuit of her goal, including tiredness caused by her menstruation cycle, a painful cough caused by high altitude, plus gastrointestinal issues.

Speaking to her perseverance, Shrestha told an Outside reporter, “I didn’t make these problems into excuses—I tried to make them into strengths.” She completed her historic feat within a two-week window in May and as news of additional accidents and fatalities continue.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Profile picture from Purnima Shrestha’s Facebook account

by Aimee Roberts, based in Virginia