Abigail & John Adams Wed

October 24, 2022
"I am, and till then, and forever after will be your Admirer and Friend, and Lover."

On this day in 1764, John and Abigail Adams wed. Throughout at 54-year marriage, they exchanged more than 1,100 letters. Sometimes they wrote multiple letters each day – about daily life, politics, and love. Their letters, still preserved, provide insight into the couple’s personal life – intersecting at times with their public personas as leading figures in the creation of a new country confronting war, diplomatic crises, scandal, family tragedy, and a new role: the U.S. presidency. Check out our source page for links to some of their letters!

Abigail Adams to John Adams, 16 October 1774 – “I dare not express to you at 300 hundred miles distance how ardently I long for your return.”

Miss Adorable” John Adams to Abigail Adams, during their courtship

No Grass This Year” Abigail Adams updates John Adams on their farm

Remember The Ladies” Abigail Adams to John Adams

Click HERE to explore the Massachusetts Historical Society’s digital archives of letters between Abigail and John Adams, from 1762 – 1801; click HERE for a shorter selection from their correspondence

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by Jenna Lee,