Abortion clinic to close in Mississippi

July 5, 2022

The plain wording of the Mississippi Constitution does not mention abortion.

Chancery Judge Debbra Halford rejecting an appeal by Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic to block a trigger law from going into effect, banning most abortions and effectively shutting down the clinic.
  • Why It Matters: Mississippi’s lone abortion provider, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, will close down at end of day Wednesday. The clinic was at the center of the Dobbs v. Jackson case that led to the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • The clinic argued a law to ban most abortions in Mississippi should be blocked, since a prior Mississippi Supreme Court decision had implied a state constitutional right to an abortion; the judge ruled that decision had been based on previous Supreme Court decisions (such as Roe v. Wade) which were recently overturned.
  • Mississippi had a “trigger law” in place which will go into effect Thursday. The law, which had been established in the event of the overturn of Roe, will ban most abortions of any kind in the state (with exceptions for the safety of the mother’s life or in cases of rape reported to law enforcement).
  • The clinic was known as “the pink house” because it was painted pink. The clinic has plans to open an additional space in New Mexico (see this article for more on the clinic’s plans).

    Mississippi judge won’t block law banning most abortions

    Jackson Women’s Health Org. is fully booked, with abortions facing a ban in 9 days

by Jenna Lee,