Acting Peruvian President Manuel Merino Resigning Sunday, Leaving Peru without a President as the Protestors Take to the Street Against Government Corruption.

November 15, 2020
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I present my irrevocable resignation.

  • The elected President was impeached nearly a week earlier by the congress – under allegations he mishandled the COVID pandemic AND participated in bribery.
  • Merino assumed the presidency as head of the Peruvian congress – however citizens immediately protested as some perceived the ousting of the elected president, who ran on a platform against corruption, as a coup.
  • The protests over the last week led to two deaths by police – dozens remain “missing” or injured.
  • Citizens are protesting against corruption in gov’t – “Half of the lawmakers are under investigation or indictment for alleged crimes including money laundering and homicide.” (NPR)
  • Why It Matters: Peru has no head of state and the path forward, for an otherwise stable Latin American country, appears uncertain.

Here’s more of the backstory from the Associated Press

by Jenna Lee,