Additional Pres. Biden Documents Found

January 12, 2023
Front lawn of the White House

President Joe Biden’s legal team has discovered additional documents containing classification markings in a second location.

The Associated Press. An anonymous person “familiar with the matter” informed the news source that more of President Biden’s documents were found, though details remain largely unknown.

Why It Matters: On Monday, CBS news broke that documents were found on November 2nd and turned over to the National Archives. On Wednesday, NBC News, using anonymous sources, disclosed that additional documents were found in a different location. Other outlets, such as The Associated Press, have confirmed the discovery of the second documents since then. What is in the documents, when they are from, and how they got there remain unknown. However, the President – and any elected official who has access to government records – has strict rules on how to keep/store them.

From the White House: The White House and the Justice Department have not publicly commented since news of the discovery of the second documents. Hours before the revelation was disclosed, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “This is an ongoing process under the review of the Department of Justice. So we are going to be limited on what we can say here.”

Source: Biden team finds more docs with classified markings (The Associated Press)

Biden aides find second batch of classified documents at new location (NBC News)

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by Jenna Lee,