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Secret Talks & Secret Trips at the site of America’s longest war.


The Latest From Afghanistan

Current Events

What’s Happening

  • This weekend, U.S. SecDef headed to Afghanistan.
  • Separately, a congressional delegation, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff traveled to Afghanistan.
  • The trip wasn’t announced ahead of time (this is typical, especially for areas with security concerns).
Current Events

Why It Matters

  • The sudden change of U.S. forces in Syria has raised further questions about what’s next for other deployed U.S. forces Pres. Trump has *also* discussed wanting to withdraw, such as U.S. forces in Afghanistan.
  • House Democrats, leading the impeachment charge, further highlight their critique of Pres. Trump’s foreign policy by heading overseas.
Current Events

Number to Know


  • The number of U.S. forces American military believes it needs to maintain current counter terrorism operations (keep Afghanistan from harboring terrorists who attack the U.S.
  • Why 8600? We have little info other than this is what the military says they need.
  • Current troop levels approx: 14,000.
Current Events

Peace Talks between the U.S. and Taliban have broken off. Now reports have surfacedA they are restarting in China. Confirmation TBD. Pres. Trump stopped talks after the Taliban killed an American soldier. This is the deadliest year for American soldiers since 2014.

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