Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy on his state making the COVID-19 vaccine available for all those 16 and older.

March 31, 2021
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“A healthy community means a healthy economy.”

Alaska is now the first state to allow those 16 and older access to a COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Most other states have provided vaccination access to seniors and those with pre-existing conditions, as well as front-line workers.
  • The only vaccine with emergency use authorization for those as young as 16 is the Pfizer vaccine.
  • Other vaccine brands such as Moderna are testing the vaccine on those 12 and older.
  • No vaccines studies (from Western nations) are currently being conducted on those under the age of 12, though this could change if the studies on those 12 and older are successful.
  • Why This Matters: Some doctors believe that the only way America reaches a level of “community immunity” is to vaccinate younger adults, including teenagers. Other states (like Texas and New York) are also lowering the ages of those who qualify for vaccinations, albeit not as young as 16. READ MORE HERE

by Jenna Lee,