And The Winner Is….

After a year-long search, promising a “full equal” to its current Seattle HQ, Amazon splits its second headquarters between *two* cities.


Backstory: Amazon’s Hunt

Required:A metro areaA with 1M population, int’l airport, mass transit, quality higher education, an educated workforce, & business-friendly environment.

Promised: a full equal to current Seattle campus, $5B construction investment & 50,000 jobs.



a… much less radical move than many imagined … rich places getting richer.a

Jed Kolko, Indeed chief economist, on Amazon selecting D.C. & NYC-area home bases - the biggest financial and political hubs in America. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says the two cities offer the ability to attract "world class talent."

Crystal City, VA

  • Arlington area, 3 miles west of D.C., eager for new economic energy after 24K federal jobs moved out in the early 2000s.
  • Known for its outdated, ’70-80s commercial buildings connected by underground tunnel with shops & restaurants.
  • Concerns over steep housing prices, congested roads, & pricing out of lower-income residents.

Long Island City, NY

  • NYC neighborhood, 3 miles east of Times Square, is anA old manufacturing area in Queens.
  • Even before Amazon, it is one of the fastest-developing areasA with 9K+ new apartments & homes built in 8 years.
  • Struggling to handle the growth with crowded schools and infrastructure issues like sewage backups with heavy rain.

Bigger Picture:
Why it Matters

  • 238 cities in U.S. & Canada shared taxpayer-funded research trying to woo Amazon.
  • Giving Amazon an invaluable database & insight into what types of incentives communities are willing to offer as the tech giant expands building possible data and logistics centers, etc.

Two, winning cities will split the 50,000 jobs and $5B in investment evenly. Amazon also announced it will open a customer fulfillment center in Nashville, creating 5,000 jobs. The average salary for all 3, new locations? Over $150K, according to Amazon.

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