American contractor killed in strike

March 24, 2023
American flag

… we responded to an attack on our forces that killed an American contractor and wounded our troops …

CENTCOM Commander General Michael “Erik” Kurilla on America’s response to an attack at a base in Syria.

Why It Matters: The death of an American contractor in Syria by an Iranian drone strike, according to the U.S.; 5 other Americans were injured, and another contractor was also injured.

When: Thursday.

Where: Syria, where the U.S. has an estimated 900 forces to combat the terrorist group ISIS (that number does not include additional contractors who can be American nationals or hired from other countries, i.e. Syria, Iraq as translators, security, etc).

Who: We don't have an identity of the American contractor yet, and depending on the person's affiliation (e.g. CIA, etc.) we may not get an identification. We don't have status updates on the injuries.

How: Iran has used drones launched by its proxy-forces to strike U.S. positions – and America has responded in the past. This has happened a series of times but seldom leads to deaths.

"U.S. officials said that before this latest attack, Iranian-backed forces had carried out 78 attacks against U.S. and coalition forces with drones, rockets and mortars since January 2021.

American personnel have rarely been harmed in those attacks, and the casualties on Thursday prompted the Biden administration to order a military response" (WSJ).


US launches airstrikes in Syria after drone kills US worker

by Jenna Lee,