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“The Impossible First”

 American Colin O’Brady is the first to cross Antarctica alone.

33-year-old’s feat comes just years after doctors said he’d never walk again.

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The Incredible Journey

  • 930+ mile trek started Nov. 3 and lasted 54 days with only one, half-day break to repair his skis.
  • Dragged 375-pound sled with a tent, sleeping bags, satellite phone & freeze-dried food.
  • Used music & podcasts to pass time, charging with solar power.
  • Final 32 hours, on Christmas Day, he powered through with no sleep to cover last 77 miles.
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“I’m no longer the same person I was when I left on the journey, can you see it in my face? I’ve suffered, been deathly afraid, cold and alone. I’ve laughed and danced, cried tears of joy and been awestruck with love and inspiration.”

Colin O’Brady who documented his nearly entirely uphill crossing of Antarctica on Instagram.
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A Change in Course

The Yale graduate had planned to pursue a finance career, but a freak accident badly burned his legs.

Brady defied odds, made a full recovery, & won an Olympic-distance triathlon 18-mos later.

Since then, he quit his day job to focus on athletic feats, even summiting Mt. Everest.

Now You Know

In 1911, the first explorers reached the South Pole. Not until 1996-97 did a person cross the entire continent, but, unlike O'Brady, he had the help of a kite. This time, O'Brady was simultaneously competing against a British man, becoming the first by just two days!

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