AP investigates China influencer campaign

March 30, 2022

They clearly have identified the ‘Chinese lady influencer’ is the way to go.

Fmr. FBI Agent Clint Watts on China’s social media influencer strategy — the topic of an Associated Press investigation.
  • Watts is the president of Miburo (a consulting firm which analyzes data related to extremism and other security topics). His firm found *at least* 200 social media influencers tied to the Chinese government, operating in around 38 different languages.
  • However, it’s not just about Chinese influencers spreading pro-China sentiment. The AP uncovered U.S. social media influencers recruited by firms which are backed by Chinese money.

    Why This Matters
    : “It’s not leaflets and hard copy newspapers anymore,” says one high-ranking Justice Department official. The AP investigation shows how even unassuming influencers may be recruited by the Chinese government in order to spread pro-China or anti-Western sentiment.

    How China’s TikTok, Facebook influencers push propaganda

by Jenna Lee,