Arkansas tornado

April 2, 2023

The crosses are still standing amid the ruins.

Arkansas Gov. Huckabee Sanders (R) while surveying damage to her state due to a deadly tornado.

Why It Matters: At least 32 people died across the nation after a weather system brought a series of tornadoes across several states including Arkansas.

Arkansas: Governor Sanders declared a state of emergency due to the violent weather, called a “catastrophic” storm by meteorologists. Gov. Sanders also activated the Arkansas National Guard.

Important To Note: Another dangerous weather front is expected to start on Tuesday that could impact Arkansas statewide – forecasts include the potential for more tornadoes, hail or stormy conditions.

Did You Know? Unlike hurricanes that we anticipate at a certain time of year (June – November), tornadoes can happen any time of year, however, the busiest season tends to be spring through early summer. The cause of tornadoes, how they precisely form, remains a bit of a mystery. Read more here.

by Jenna Lee,