Artemis Launch

November 16, 2022
Photo of the moon

For once, I might be speechless.

Artemis I launch director, Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, on NASA launching its Space Launch System – “the most powerful rocket in the world” – on Wednesday morning as part of the Artemis program. The rocket put NASA spacecraft Orion on its path to travel past the moon and back to earth in about 26 days.

Why It Matters: Artemis I is the first major step in NASA's attempt to put astronauts back on the moon, which has not been done in nearly 50 years. The spacecraft does not have humans aboard, rather it is testing technology to prepare for a 2024 launch with astronauts. NASA views the Artemis missions as a "steppingstone for astronauts on the way to Mars."

Important Context: This was the fifth launch attempt of the Artemis I mission this year; earlier attempts were scrubbed or delayed due to technical issues or poor weather conditions.

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by Jenna Lee,