“This administration’s egregious use of federal force on cities over the objections of local authorities should never happen.”

A selection of U.S. mayors writing lawmakers, asking for the removal of federal law enforcement in their cities attempting to protect property, reduce violence.

  • Letter drafted by “Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kansas City, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Washington” – according to Associated Press.
  • Federal forces have deployed to, or have activated in the past, in these cities because of civil unrest.
  • The federal governments says forces are needed to protect federal property, and help the city. Reports indicate the federal government is deploying more forces in places like Portland. 
  • City officials say they do not want federal forces, adds to local tension that leads to more violence. Mayors are asking Congress to make unwanted deployment of federal officials illegal.
  • Many protests remain peaceful, but certain groups have resorted to violence against officers, shootings, lighting fires, destroying city property, so much so that local police have declared protests “riots.”
  • Backstory – in places like Portland, Seattle, protests ignited after the death of George Floyd in policy custody over Memorial Day weekend.
  • Why It Matters: Civil unrest continues, showing no signs of abatement, some major cities struggle with protecting property and citizens, tension remains between the federal government and local authorities.  It is not unprecedented for the federal government to send forces into locales without consent – but it is more often done with support of local governments.

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