“As significant as today is, it’s only the beginning for getting full justice for Breonna."

Tamika Palmer, the mother of Breonna Taylor, on the historic decision by Louisville leaders to approve a $12 million dollar wrongful death settlement and enact police reforms.

  • BACKGROUND: On March 13, Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT, was killed after she was shot multiple times by police inside her Louisville, KY home after police conducting a drug investigation entered using a ‘no-knock’ warrant, meaning they were not required to identify themselves before entering her home. The three plain-clothed police officers said they did in fact identify themselves, but witnesses say otherwise.
    • Breonna’s live-in boyfriend said they were scared and thought they were being robbed so he grabbed his legally registered gun and fired a shot that struck an officer in the leg.
    • No drugs were found and none of the officers were wearing body cameras.
    • In June, Louisville voted to ban no-knock warrants, like the one used during the March raid on Taylor’s home. The law will also require officers use and turn on body cameras five minutes before and after searches.
    • Also in June, one of the three officers involved in the fatal shooting was fired by the Louisville Metro Police Dept.
      • The other two officers, and the detective who approved the warrant, were placed on administrative reassignment.
  • LATEST: On September 15, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced that the city settled the wrongful death (civil) lawsuit filed by Breonna Taylor’s estate in April for $12 million dollars. Louisville also agreed to various police reforms, including requiring a commanding officer to review and approve all search warrants, subjecting officers to random drug testing at least once a year, and encouraging officers to volunteer in the communities they serve.
    • In response to the news, Tamika Palmer, Breonna Taylor’s mother said that while “no amount of money” will achieve justice for Breonna, “the police reform measures that we were able to get passed as a part of this settlement mean so much more to my family, our community, and to Breonna’s legacy.”
  • WHAT’S NEXT: TBD. To date, no one has been charged in connection with Breonna Taylor’s death, although the criminal investigation is ongoing. Likewise, the FBI launched its own investigation into Taylor’s death.