"While 195 people were discharged from quarantine yesterday, more than 600 people who returned on chartered flights from Wuhan remain under federal quarantine."

CDC confirms 14th case of the new coronavirus in America.

  • An individual under federal mandated quarantine after arriving on a flight from an impacted area of China tested positive for the new coronavirus.
  • Those traveling to America from China maybe required to stay at a facility for 14 days after arrival. This individual arrived on February 7th.
  • Shortly after the CDC announced its 15th case – also under a federal quarantine order – in Texas
  • Why It Matters: Health officials still doesn’t know exactly how the coronavirus has spread. Deaths worldwide have exceeded 1,300 less than 2 months after its discovery.

Travelers from China Arriving in the United States

Coronavirus cases top 60,000 as death toll sharply rises