"1 in 2 COVID-19 patients could not identify a person with COVID-19 with whom they had close contact in the last 2 weeks."

The CDC reporting the results of its latest study showing most COVID-19 patients weren’t aware who they got it from.

  • The CDC conducted phone interviews with a random selection of 350 people with COVID-19 (both inpatient and outpatient) from nine states.
  • Participants were asked about their interactions with others, specifically if they came within 6 feet of a person diagnosed with COVID-19 during the two weeks leading up to their disease onset or test date (for asymptomatic patients).
  • WHY IT MATTERS: The study illustrates the extent of asymptomatic spread and, according to the study’s researchers, the “need for increased screening, case investigation, contact tracing, and isolation of infected persons during periods of community transmission” and “suggests that ensuring social distancing and more widespread use of cloth face coverings are warranted.”
  • Researchers also noted that the study has limits – namely that participants were not representative of cases nationwide because they were all affiliated with academic medical centers and their self-reported results were telephone-based.