"It is a small percentage. It is quite frightening."

Coronavirus Task Force Member, ADM Brett P. Giroir, M.D (who also is a pediatrician) on symptoms arising in children related to COVID-19.

  • “This is a little bit different than what we normally see.”
  • Admiral Giroir said the symptoms mirror Kawasaki disease, a rare affliction common in young children which can surface after an infection, but that “this is a little bit different from what we normally see.” He called it a serious, and potentially fatal condition.
  • ADM. Giroir, who is also a pediatric ICU doctor in addition to spearheading COVID-19 testing at HHS, warned parents to watch for high fever, red rash. He also tried to assure there are treatments for this condition if caught early.
  • President Trump responded to a question in a press briefing Monday about parents worried about sending their children to school “It’s a tiny percentage but we’re looking at if very strongly.”
  • Why It Matters: Dozens of cases for children with what’s described as an inflammatory disease related to COVID-19 have surfaced in New York state since mid-April. New York’s governor says the illness has led to 3 pediatric deaths. Reports are emerging in other states such as California, Louisiana, and Mississippi (New York Times). The White House says multiple agencies, including the CDC, are “activated” on this issue.


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