WORTH IT TO READ: "Americans would be wise to brace for war with Iran."

Dueling editorials by two different Democrats, on what the killing of an Iranian General means for the safety of America. Read them HERE

The Democrats and Iran written by former Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT).

Some Democrats have said that killing Soleimani will lead us into war with Iran. In fact, Soleimani and the Quds Force have been at war with the U.S. for years. It is more likely that his death will diminish the chances of a wider conflict because the demonstration of our willingness to kill him will give Iranian leaders (and probably others like Kim Jong Un ) much to fear.

The Dire Consequences of Trump’s Suleimani Decision by former National Security Advisor under President Obama, Susan Rice.

Americans would be wise to brace for war with Iran.

Full-scale conflict is not a certainty, but the probability is higher than at any point in decades. Despite President Trump’s oft-professed desire to avoid war with Iran and withdraw from military entanglements in the Middle East, his decision to order the killing of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, Iran’s second most important official, as well as Iraqi leaders of an Iranian-backed militia, now locks our two countries in a dangerous escalatory cycle that will likely lead to wider warfare.