"If true, the appalling conditions described in the whistleblower complaint...are a staggering abuse of human rights."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking for investigation into the complaint that alleges “high rates of hysterectomies done to immigrant women.”

  • Who: A former nurse at the immigration detention center & detainees filed the complaint (advocate groups interviewed and represented the detainees in the complaint).
  • What: A formal federal complaint that affords whistleblower protection to the nurse, once an employee of the facility. The complaint provides the Inspector General grounds for further investigation. The wide-ranging complaint alleges overall mistreatment of detainees and workers from unsanitary conditions to spoiled food, to unwanted surgeries.
  • Where: The state of Georgia at a privately owned/operated detention center that houses ICE detainees.
  • When: Complaint filed Monday.
  • Why It Matters: The allegations of misconduct are wide-ranging. The company that owns this detention center owns others. More than 100 Democrats signed a letter calling for an investigation.
  • What To Know: 
    A top medical official with ICE disputed the claims, saying in a statement that agency data shows only two women had been referred for hysterectomies from the facility since 2018.Dr. Ada Rivera, medical director of the ICE Health Service Corps, said that medical care decisions concerning detainees are made by medical personnel, not law enforcement, and that a medical procedure like a hysterectomy would “never be performed against a detainee’s will.”Rivera also said that ICE would fully cooperate with any investigation by the DHS Office of Inspector General.  READ MORE

Here is the Whistle Blower Report