“We all feel so helpless right now. There’s very little that we can do to combat this virus. And being able to participate in this trial has given me a sense of, that I’m doing something,”

Seattle resident Jennifer Haller who volunteered to receive an experimental treatment as the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccine trial launches.

  • 30,000 participants will start receiving shots on Monday, July 27th – an individual will not know if they receive the vaccine or not.
  • The vaccine trials will be a partnership between the U.S. gov’t and pharmaceutical giant, Moderna.
  • Every month, until the fall, a new vaccine trial will start, with a different drug maker who has created a vaccine, and an additional 30,000 participants.
  • Scientists want a certain level of infection in communities to get a good sense about whether or not the vaccine actually protects the participants who receive it.
  • Why It Matters: The new coronavirus has no known treatment or vaccine. Any vaccine needs to be tested for safety and efficacy before use in the general public – this is an important step in that process.

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