"...very few children develop symptoms of COVID-19 and the vast majority who do, only have mild disease, so what we are talking about here is an exceptional group, a small group of severely ill children and adolescents."

Editor-in-Chief Eric Rubin of The New England Journal of Medicine on two studies published on a syndrome in children related to COVID-19.

  • The two studies: New York State Dept of Public Health examining cases in New York, and the CDC looking at cases nationwide.
  • MIS-C: Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children.
  • Important to know from both studies: syndrome surfaced weeks after the original infection.
  • Rubin: “These kids were very sick.” Thus far, only 6 deaths in two groups but many remain hospitalized.
  • Symptoms: prolonged fevers, respiratory systems, commonly GI systems and cardiac abnormalities.

Important Context: We don’t have a denominator of how many kids likely have COVID-19 infections (from lack of testing wide swaths of children without infection).

Listen to a quick 15-minute overview: HERE

Two Studies:

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