“Valentine’s Day flowers can be a lovely present for that special someone, however they can carry pests that could cause serious damage to U.S. agriculture and our natural resources.”

New York Field Operations Director, Troy Miller, on U.S. Customs & Border teams inspecting millions of imported flowers.

  • Who: Customs & Border Protection has agricultural specialists who check for insects, disease and pests.
  • What: So far this year, agents have checked more than 20 MILLION flowers, including roses, from 34 different countries.
  • Where: New York & New Jersey area ports.
  • Interesting to Note: Industry retail analysts at the NPD Group say the fastest growing segment for Valentine’s Day isn’t flowers but fragrances.
  • Why It Matters: For our health, safety and cleanliness, we don’t want unwanted “guests” in our homes, businesses, and farms.

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