"I've got news for the Republican establishment. I've got news for the Democratic establishment. They can't stop us."

Sen. Bernie Sanders the day before he won the Nevada caucus.

  • On Saturday the results of the Nevada caucus pointed to Sen. Sanders victory.
  • Sen. Sanders has won 2 of the 3 early voting states (New Hampshire); official results from Iowa remain TBD.
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a self-declared democrat socialist, is NOT officially registered as a Democrat but as an Independent; He has, however, signed a pledge to the Democrat party, along with other candidates, confirming his support.
  • Sanders defended his policies vs. others seeking the party’s nomination during the Democrat debate, exposing the party’s unease with him in front runner status.
  • Why It Matters: The Democrat field is epxected to narrow substantially over the next several weeks. South Carolina is the next state to hold a primary election on Saturday, Feb 29 and then on March, 3 (so-called “Super Tuesday”) citizens in more than a dozen states will vote for who they want to see as the democrat nominee to run for President.

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